Space travel’s in my blood, there ain’t nothing I can do about it

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Got that in your head now ain’t I?

The only problem with this song thing is that whatever song I think of it’s gonna sound cryptic innit? The reason for doing it the first place. Lolz.

Nevermind, the reasoning behind this is that I put on my Converse this morning to walk the dog and on the toe cap bit, when I was about 15 (when it was cool to do this) I wrote “Another Girl Another Planet” and that is literally it. I can never decide between The Only Ones and Blink tho.

Other people have bought new trainers in the last 7 years.

We’ve been here 3 weeks today (we inc. the dog). This time last month I had 2 jobs, now I have 0.

I shan’t delve too much into work and jobs and interviews and stuff, because hey, this is the internet, it’s probably not wise to jeopardise anything on that front, let’s be honest. But in the grand scheme of things I’m not doing that badly. I said to myself that if I don’t have a job in two months I might start to worry so I’m in okay grounds right now.

My friend Beth tweeted this a few weeks ago: “Really makes you appreciate life. Money and material things mean naff all! Be happy you have your health, things could be 1000000x worse xxx” Obvz I know anyone can say that, and I don’t know what it was that made her say it but she has a beautiful daughter and a lovely family and I know she meant it. And it’s true really.

Like, check out this place:

20121120-121831 PM.jpg

Or this:

20121120-123313 PM.jpg

You know wot a mean?

DISCLAIMER #2: That’s not to say I don’t want a job, cos at the end of the day I do have a boot addiction and it is almost Christmas. But as long as Pilmore has a job it’s nice to think about innit.


p.s I apologise for this ever changing theme business. I don’t have enough of a blog to work out what will look good yet, and I don’t have a laptop so I don’t really know what anything actually looks like. Soz


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