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Fox(es) by Jennifer Anne Simpson
Fox(es), a photo by Jennifer Anne Simpson on Flickr.

Just playing with shutter speeds and ISO. Bought Pilmore this cute little crocheted fox from White Doll Arts in Fowey, right lovely shop 🙂


Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, B-Side at Bunters

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So I took some photos at a gig for the first time in bloody ages (perhaps years?!) on Friday. It was ace fun. Here’s one


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Chrysanthemums by Jennifer Anne Simpson
Chrysanthemums, a photo by Jennifer Anne Simpson on Flickr.

Took some photos at work the other day

Mullion Cove

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Mullion Cove by Jennifer Anne Simpson
Mullion Cove, a photo by Jennifer Anne Simpson on Flickr.

Sad Mackerel

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Sad Mackerel by Jennifer Anne Simpson
Sad Mackerel, a photo by Jennifer Anne Simpson on Flickr.

Mackerel sad

An Old Photo of Me

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Like it tho.

Taken around the corner from Lee Rosy’s in Nottingham, June ’07. Short black hair and smokin’ straights.

Those are Christmas socks.


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I know a few people, right. Don’t wanna sound like a dick about it, I only know a few people because instead of going to college I hung out with the likes of Jimbob and Bise and did cool / stupid (delete as appropriate) stuff like drive to Birmingham to drop of horrendous Hummers, frequent pub quizzes, go to Ikea to eat meatballs, or spend the day in Coventry, just cos, or walk Jasper in Bradgate park. (Soz, got a bit carried away there) Pretty much anything but college. I guess I was bored, or I knew it wasn’t for me, or a bit of both. It was loads more fun.

But I’ve somehow managed to land on my feet, not sure how or if I actually deserved to but I have, my CV could be worse for a 22 year old who has no real qualifications above GSCE’s. I’ve only ever had one job I didn’t like that much, and really that’s only cos I believe in right and wrong and being honest with people. I’ve never had a job I’ve hated, and have had a handful of jobs I’ve loved. Which is nice.

But when I think of the word “career” and what it means to people, from day one I guess; I remember in High School sitting down in the library and being asked what I wanted to do, and it’s like, eh?! I’m only starting to think I know what I want to do now, and even then I don’t know for sure, and that’s after working for the last 5/6 years. God knows how you’re supposed to know that shit at 13.

But then, what is a career? Some people I know and have worked with have studied and got a qualification to be where they are now, I guess that’s a career. Some of those people have studied and worked at the top of their field for years and years, I ‘spose that’s a career as far as Google defines it: “An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” …but in the same vein, I know people that have worked in bars and hospitality for years, and are fucking good at what they do, but does society call that a career? (whatever “society” is) Does a career mean 000’s or does it mean happiness? Or how many times can it be both?

p.s: the bar thing is an example, some of the best times of my life thus far were spent working behind a bar, people who think it’s not a “proper job” or demanding are fools. 🙂

I don’t really have a point to make here other than that I have no real idea what this career thing is that I was supposed to start chasing years ago, I know what makes me happy and I know what I enjoy doing. I know that some of the people I know that have chased it aren’t participially happy now they’re there. (Which makes one wonder what the point is, if it can’t guarantee you happiness after all that work?)

I think there’s something to be said for finding something you love and believe in and giving 100% to whatever that is, despite the 000’s or the lines on your CV.

I dunno. I could go on forever. C’est la vie.


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